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Your way to rest and relax

You can easily reach Vantage Resort, as we’re located at a maximum
30 minutes drive from any point of Pattaya entry.

Airport connection
Entering Thailand through Suvarnabhumi International airport one can reach Vantage Resort by a number of ways: taxi, bus and hotel car pick-up. If you would like us to arrange a hotel car for transfer, please contact our reception at (66) 038-405-383 or 094-326-7766. Just give us your travel details 2 days in advance and hotel driver will meet you at the gates. In case of a large group transportation, please allow us 3 days in advance to arrange a hotel bus pick-up.

Taxis are always available at Suvarnabhumi airport, and the easiest way to reach Vantage Resort will be by Bangkok-Pattaya highway, taking a side turn marked with Vantage sign within city limit. Just let the driver to follow the Vantage direction boards along the road and 10 minutes later we will welcome you at the lobby. Please note that the travel from airport to hotel will take around 2 hours, depending on the traffic. The average price is that of 1200-1500 Baht.

Pattaya bus
Guests may also choose to reach Pattaya using the regular bus connection. Pattaya bus cashier can be found at airport Level 1 Gate 8, travelling time will comprise 1.4-2 hours, at the cost of 180 Baht (fares can be changed by operator). The bus is moderately comfortable, with aircon and several stops as it reaches Pattaya. The destination point is Thappraya rd., Jomtien. There you can take a local taxi or give us an advance call to arrange pick-up.

(66) 038-405-383
(66) 038-405-384

24/42, Soi Mabsong Kaimuay, Pattaya, Thailand
Check-in 2 p.m. Check-out 12 a.m.

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